Find Your Tribe

Whose in your tribe?

The most significant element to transforming your body is through behavior change! Now of course, there are several elements of behavior change, but one key element I wanted to talk about today is the incorrect notion that you are alone in your own weight loss journey. Yes, a few rare individuals can achieve amazing feats on their own, but for the most part, we as humans strive together to accomplish our goals. Weight loss and becoming healthier are no different! This leads me to my point. If you are embarking on a healthier journey, you need to find your tribe. You need to find other likeminded individuals who are following in the same footsteps. Find others who are completing the same workout routine, way of eating, or other trends with becoming healthier.  

These individuals can be friends, colleagues, online support groups, etc. I talk to people every single day who are also passionate about their health and conquering their goals. I know that I can rely on these determined people and that they will keep me accountable. And most importantly, I can compete with them. What drives me the most is competition. Yes, I know it’s my own personal journey, but if my tribe members are up earlier than me, push harder than me, learn more than me, what do you think that’s going to do to my drive? Their own passion lights a fire under me and makes me want to do more.

Where do you look?

You can find others who are following the same heath philosophies as you. The easiest place to search would be searching on Facebook and finding groups who share your interests. There is a group for literally anything out there now a days relating to health and fitness. If you somehow can’t find a group you relate with or like taking matters into your own hands, start up your own group! It’s incredibly fun and engaging to talk and share with friends who want to be a part of the same journey. Don’t be surprised if your group grows by the way! At the end of the day, others will notice your passion and will follow your example if they see you enjoying the process. Finding your tribe is another step towards a successful transformation.